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Concept Key: Musicianship Notes Theory Rhythm Advantage

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Pages 2 & 3
1MP3 Warm-up
3MP3 Clarke Technique Study
5MP3 Rhyhtm
7MP3 In the Bleak Midwinter
9MP3 Klosé Technique Study
11MP3 Alouette
2MP3 Scale, Arpeggio & Chord Progression
4MP3 Old Folks at Home
6MP3 Hallelujah Chorus
8MP3 Scale, Arpeggio & Chord Progression
10MP3 Cockles and Mussels
12MP3 Kaeru No Uta
Pages 4 & 5
13MP3 Flexibility Warm-up
15MP3 Technique Study
17MP3 Little Brown Jug
20MP3 Chester
22MP3 Czech Dance
14MP3 Scale, Arpeggio & Chord Progression
16MP3 Rondo alla Turca
19MP3 A Ram Sam Sam
21MP3 Dance of the Tumblers
24MP3 Smooth Move
Pages 6 & 7
25MP3 Evening Prayer
27MP3 La Cucharacha
29MP3 Musicianship
31MP3 New Notes
33MP3 B♭ Major Scale, Arpeggio and Chord Progression
36MP3 Rest Rock
26MP3 New Rhythm
28MP3 Music from the Royal Fireworks
30MP3 Awake! Awake!
32MP3 New Note Exercise
34MP3 Botany Bay
Pages 8 & 9
37MP3 Doxology
39MP3 Pomp and Circumstance
MP3 Performance: Colonel Bogey
38MP3 New Rhythm
41MP3 Dynamics
MP3 Performance: Latin Serenade
MP3PDF Winter Holidays - can be performed after page 8
Pages 10 & 11
42MP3 Chorale in A Natural Minor
44MP3 Sonata Pathetique
47MP3 Kaffe
49MP3 The Thunderer
51MP3 Yankee Doodle
43MP3 A-Harmonic Minor Scale, Arpeggio & Chord Progression
45MP3 Symphony No. 5
48MP3 Sixteenth Notes
50MP3 Listen to the Mockingbird
52MP3 Call and Response
Pages 12 & 13
53MP3 Chorale
55MP3 O Hal'lwe
57MP3 Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
60MP3 New Rhythm
62MP3 Arirang
65MP3 Rose, Rose
54MP3 New Note
56MP3 America the Beautiful
59MP3 Christmas is Coming
61MP3 Harbour Grace
63MP3 Prince Igor
Pages 14 & 15
66MP3 Chorale in D Natural Minor
68MP3 Scarborough Fair
71MP3 Thou, Poor Bird
73MP3 Dinah
76MP3 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
67MP3 D Harmonic Minor Scale, Arpeggio and Chord Progression
69MP3 Liza jane
72MP3 New Rhythm
74MP3 Valse
Pages 16 & 17
MP3 Performance: Adeste Fideles
77MP3 Chorale in D
79MP3 March Slav
81MP3 Alma mater
MP3 Performance: Can-Can
78MP3 Scale, Arpeggio and Chord Progression
80MP3 Greensleeves
82MP3 The Minstrel Boy
Pages 18 & 19
83MP3 Chorale in G
85MP3 Country Gardens
88MP3 Symphony No. 1 Theme
90MP3 Chromatic Scale
92MP3 In the Hall of the Mountain King
84MP3 New Rhythm
86MP3 Symphony No. 3
89MP3 Enharmonics
91MP3 Bacchanale
94MP3 Pat-a-Pan
Pages 20 & 21
95MP3 Chorale in B♭
97MP3 Hatikvah
100MP3 Minuet
102MP3 Little Brown Jug
104MP3 Theory (Transposition)
96MP3 Technique Study
98MP3 March of the Toreadors
101MP3 Irish Jig
103MP3 Unfinished Symphony
105MP3 Canon
Pages 22 & 23
106MP3 Balance Builder Warm-up
108MP3 The Miser and His Man
110MP3 Yankee Doodle Dandy
MP3 Performance: Barbeque Strut
107MP3 Scale Study
109MP3 This Old Man
MP3 Performance: The American Patrol
Pages 24 & 25
111MP3 The Great Gate of Kiev
113MP3 Wedding March
116MP3 All Through the Night
118MP3 Chanukah
121MP3 Triumphal March
112MP3 New Rhythm
114MP3 March
117MP3 La Donna é Mobile
119MP3 Shenandoah
MP3PDF Christmas Toyland - can be performed after page 24
Pages 26 & 27
122MP3 Chorale in E Natural Minor
124MP3 The Barber of Seville
127MP3 Come, Follow, Follow
129MP3 All the Pretty Little Horses
131MP3 I'm a Little Teapot
123MP3 E-Harmonic Minor Scale, Arpeggio & Chord Progression
125MP3 Jimmy Crack Corn
128MP3 We Three kings
130MP3 Take Me Out to the Ballgame
132MP3 Chopsticks
Pages 28 & 29
133MP3 Chorale in 6
135MP3 The Happy Farmer
138MP3 Vite
140MP3 Rondo
142MP3 Stars and Stripes Forever
134MP3 Technique Study in 6
136MP3 I Saw Three Ships
139MP3 Two Ways to Play it
141MP3 Farandole
MP3PDF Outback Rhapsody - can be performed after page 29
Pages 30 & 31
MP3 Performance: Intervallic
144MP3 New Note Warm-up
146MP3 Semper Fidelis
149MP3 White Coral Bells
MP3 Performance: Ye Banks and Braes
145MP3 Scale Study
147MP3 The Entertainer
Pages 32 & 33
150MP3 Bach Chorale
152MP3 Hornpipe
154MP3 Musicianship - Dynamics
156MP3 Woltok
158MP3 Sailor's Song
151MP3 Sea Chanty
153MP3 Bridal March
155MP3 The Snow Melts
157MP3 Hungarian Dance No. 4
160MP3 Spinning Song
Pages 34 & 35
MP3 Solo Performance: Bist Du Bei Mir
Pages 36 & 37
MP3 Solo Performance: Bist Du Bei Mir
MP3 Solo Performance: Equinox
MP3PDF Band-o-rama - Correlated band piece to The Yamaha Advantage that is designed as a recruitment piece for a massed band of all ability levels.
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